Something exciting has happened! I’ve partnered with my all-time favorite candle maker (who also happens to be local!)—Charleston Candle Co.—to create a line of limited-run cake-scented candles of my favorite holiday cake flavors! Now you can set the mood for the perfect holiday season by making your whole house smell like what else—cake! You can shop the full line on my Shop page.

Here’s a breakdown at the four candle scents:

The Holiday Hit

Gingerbread Cake: Ready for your house to smell like freshly baked gingerbread cake? That’s exactly what this candle will do!

The Lowcountry Staple

Palmetto Praline Cake: Pecan pralines are a quintessential lowcountry sweet, and when you turn those into a cake, you get a scent to make you feel like you’re walking down the streets of downtown Charleston.

The Boozy Twist

Spiced Rum Cake: Enjoy one of the most indulgent cake flavors of the holiday season—spiced rum cake—in candle form!

The Anytime Classic

White Velvet Cake: It’s a classic for good reason—white velvet cake is vanilla cake in its most luxurious form that will carry you well past the holiday season.