The Backstory

It’s impossible to think of Halloween without also thinking of the movie Hocus Pocus. And really, is there a single better Halloween movie than Hocus Pocus? I didn’t think so. I have wanted to make a cake of Bette Midler’s character, Winifred, for YEARS. And this year I finally had the time to do it!

The Cake

Let me start by saying bust cakes are HARD. So hard. I mean, faces are pretty hard to draw in general, so when you kick that up a notch and try to sculpt it from cake a chocolate, it’s a dicey combo.

Winifred’s neck and head were made from devil’s food (of course!) chocolate cake, with orange buttercream between the layers. Then I covered the whole cake in a layer of white chocolate ganache, and finally topped with modeling chocolate.

The Details

Once the initial head-shape was covered, I started to add-on and sculpt all the fun facial details, which were also all made of chocolate. This cake took A LOT of modeling chocolate. Like more than 8lbs of modeling chocolate. What can I say, Winifred definitely holds her weight in her hair. And that hair! I would say 6 hours went into just making her hair, because to get the most realistic look, I needed to roll out small sections and add “curl” detail to them one at a time, then I added them to the cake in strips until it all came together.

Here are a few in-process shots so you can see her coming together:

Hocus Pocus Cake Behind-The-Scenes

Once all the modeling chocolate was in place,  I used a combination of airbrushing and hand-painting the food coloring onto the cake. Then I added on her hand (made of chocolate), and her jewelry (made of fondant). I LOVE how the jewelry turned out. BRB while I go wear these earrings out one day.

Final Product

While it would be impossible to capture Bette’s true beauty in cake-form, I’m so happy with how she turned out. Maybe next year I’ll have time to make all three Sanderson Sisters!

3D Sculpted Hocus Pocus Cake

3D Sculpted Hocus Pocus Cake

3D Sculpted Hocus Pocus Cake